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About me

My Story

Hi, I’m Donna Weaver CEO of Nanna’s Good Oil.  

I am a very proud Doterra Wellness Advocate. I connect with people online and in person helping them to discover natural remedies and nontoxic solutions to everything from a belly ache, hormonal disruptions to perfumes, room sprays and cleaning products. I hope you find this website helpful and it inspires you to try Doterra Essential oils.

I would love to chat with you and answer any of your questions.   Don’t hesitate to connect with me anyway that suits you. 

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Now to let you know how my Doterra journey began.



Many years ago after a diagnosis of my second autoimmune disease, I began doing alot of research on health and wellness and how to get myself out of the misery I was in. I think every part of my body hurt. My mind was foggy and it was difficult to just function day to day. It seemed I was being directed towards natural alternatives and essential oils. All I knew about essential oils was the oils I would put in my burner and they smelt good, well most of them did. I had purchased bottles at supermarkets and cheap shops and could not imagine how these were going to assist my wellness. Well they weren’t!! These are not the type of pure essential oils I use now. Certified Pure Tested Grade Doterra essential oils are something completely different.

Whilst I was researching I was constantly back and forwards to doctors attempting to relieve a wasterworks issue. Unfortunately after 18 months of on again, off again treatments and the continual return of the problem doctors wanted me to go on a permanent medication that I was not happy about. This was at the same time as I was introduced to the wonderful world of Doterra. I asked the doctors to allow me 1 month to attempt to fix the problem with Doterra essential oils. It didn’t take a whole month, 2 weeks later and I was clear. Yes I have to have continual testing to ensure I am managing the issue and YES Doterra essential oils can provide my body what it needs. A pubmed extract you might find interesting is

I have been a total convert since that day and have gone on to resolve many everyday issues including supporting immune systems, respiratory systems, circulatory systems, making nontoxic products such as perfumes, deodorant, insect repellants, glass cleaner, mould inhibitors and cleaners and much more. I believe every household should have Doterra essential oils to be empowered to take control of your own and your families health and well-being.

I am not be any means suggesting that there is no place for doctors or medications. I actually have to consume many medications just to survive, however, I don’t need to add to the cocktail for my basics or take anything that may interact with my body badly.

Because of the versatility of doterra products I am sure you will find something that fills your needs.   The most popular option for purchasing Doterra essential oils and products is to get your own wholesale account.  With a wholesale account you are able to purchase everything at the same price I pay, 25% less than retail.  If you proceed to the shop section of this website, choose your enrolment kit.  You can begin your doterra journey with as little as $35.  By enrolling you are given 12 months access to wholesale prices and the ability to renew after this time with a fee of $25 for which you will receive a free peppermint oil so in actual fact it costs less than $0 to renew your membership – better than Costco heh!!   I look forward to adding you to our closed support group and providing you with all the guidance, education and resources you require to get the most from your doterra journey.